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 2 inches gone overnight!

I just wanted to share my experience with the Chinese belly rub. lately I have been feeling very bloated and looking it also. So I decided to start doing the belly rubs yesterday. I did 15 minutes clockwiseand 15 minutes counter clockwise.this morning I measured my natural waist and my lower waist and each measurement was one inch smaller. Since this was only one time I am going to continue with the belly rubs and post daily to be sure that these results are for real. 

thanks! And happy breathing!


C-section belly of 10 years is actually shrinking

I'm excited to say, that besides the weight and inch loss from the belly rub and LifeLift workouts, my c-section belly of 10 years is actually shrinking. For who've had a c-section knows that that lower part close to the incision is usually just an uncontrollable blob.Well uncontrolled no more thanks to LifeLift and belly rubs. :-)

Have a Fab Day!

Improve the way you look and feel with each breath you take.

YOU can look and feel fantastic at any age.

Rashelle Haines is now a Great Grandmother and at 61 she has worked in health and beauty for over 40 years, gathering information that has changed her life and the lives of hundreds of thousands, world wide. 
She can't wait to share her beauty knowledge with you. She does not know how to keep a secret. She believes in sharing, so get ready to look and feel better than you ever have before.

Create your own home spa with our feel-good skin care products. Nurture your skin on your face and body while you nurture your soul with high quality formulas created to help you release toxins while you improve the look and feel of your skin.

Create your own calming retreat from stress and anxiety while you transform your own bathroom into a calming sanctuary.
  • Take a few deep, healing LifeLift breaths while you relax and unwind.
  • Allow your body to accept the healing. Give yourself the moments you deserve to rejuvenate and refresh.
The Haines Collection of Skin and Body Care products are tailor made for your perfect anti-aging regime. Regardless of your age, you deserve the very best. Rashelle has collected products with the finest ingredients for your benefit.
Our products are soothing, nurturing, skin-enrichment.

 Read this and be inspired..

I am purely amazed with the Face Mask! This stuff is incredible! Of course, my face IN the mask when it dried made me look 14 (I'm 31). That, alone, was enough to put me in a state of awe. However, I admit to thinking "What happens when I rinse off the mask, though?"

Well, I am here to tell you: I didn't look 14 anymore. HOWEVER!!! I DID look an easy 22, and, sister, I will take that ball and RUN with it!!! The tightening and toning and SMOOTHING it did to my face was purely beautiful... and my skin feels incredible, even with only one application! And though I got too little sleep last night, my face still looked awfully (or wonderfully) good this morning! That irritating puffiness just WASN'T there!!! (I should mention that I washed my face in the shower WITH the Seaweed Soap)
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I will forever use this stuff! Please feel free to use this in your newsletter or on your site.
Thanks for this amazing product!

Katherine Clark
 I am also so thankful for the great lifting mask that I ordered from you.  It really turns back the hands of time
When my masking kit runs out, I will definitely be ordering more of that.  I don't think I have ever been so satisfied and impressed with any product before I tried yours.  I could go on and on.
Sincerely yours,
Nancy Bush.
 I LOVE the face lift! 
The product comes with the powder and the liquid that you mix together.  In the beginning I put 3 times as much liquid.  This made it light when putting it on my face and when it dried it wasn't as intense.  I did not have a reaction to it at all.  I only did it about twice a week in the  beginning.  After a while I changed to 2 times the amount of liquid, which tends to tighten the skin more.  Again I only did it twice a week.  I now am comfortable doing 1 to 1 on the liquid and powder and when I remember to do it I do it about 3 to 4 times a week.  It really tightens the skin. 
The mask tightens but it also removes things from the skin...sort of like an antioxidant for your face.  I love how my face looks afterwards. 
As to results...I noticed them the very first time I used it.  My skin was tighter and brighter and looked more firm.  I liked that a lot.  I'm really prone to wrinkles as I've always had extremely dry skin.  So anything that will help remove or lessen them I tend to love LOL  I really do notice a difference.
For your Face and Body
  • Herbal Face and Body Wash
  • Seaweed Soap
  • Rashelle's Remarkable Natural Face Lift Kit
  • Aloe and Comfrey Gel
  • Night Magic toxin and inch loss gel
  • Beyond Magic serum


Good Morning Rashelle ~

I tried Beyond Magic & Night Magic (The Herbal Body Wrap Set) last night with my husband. He was not going for Saran Wrap.
We applied both Beyond Magic and Night Magic ... then put on tight workout clothes straight from the dryer. I slept in mine. Results: both of us lost a true 3/4inch off the widest part of our middles. One could argue that the difference was due to mis-measuring or water loss except there is more to the story
Earlier that evening I tried on a beautiful rayon dress from Soft Surroundings (love that mail order catalog!) and it was a Petite Medium. It is called the Luberon Market dress and has been a staple in the catalog of several years. Comes in lots of yummy colors. I put on the dress with my regular underwear. It was too tight across my chest, midriff, and hips. It has ties in the back and is supposed to hang a bit loosely. I put on my best bra and a pair of Spanx to-the-knee body slimmers to see if I might just be able to get away with it. That just wasn't enough to make a difference. So, I wrapped it up to return it. I knew even with the daily breathing, I couldn't fit into by the time I left for vacation. Since I had only measured my hips before-and-after (but had done the body wrap on my entire body) it occurred to me to try on the dress again. This morning I took it back out of the box and tried it on again. Not only did it fit beautifully, but it hung looser than with the Spanx on! Now that is an accomplishment.
Also of interest to us ~ we both got up several times to use the bathroom during the night and found that our swollen ankles from a recent plane trip had greatly reduced by morning. I will always travel with this and add it to my baking soda/Epsom salts bath routine when I fly. We both had the most intense and interesting dreams; a reminder that what we put on our skin is as important as what we put in our mouths. Long story short, I have been doing the breathing with success but couldn't talk my husband into trying LifeLift until this morning after I measured him. But today I taught him how to do it and showed him the DVD demonstration. He breathed all the way to work! Thank you for creating these amazing techniques and formulas and especially for your gracious presence in the world.
I have had Professional Body Wraps everywhere, spas in Paris, Cape Town South Africa, New York, San Francisco. They were expensive and left me feeling great but I have never seen any reduction or results until I tried your at home Body Wrap products.
Very best regards,
Antonya Fults
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    Due to the coronavirus we have had to change some of our packaging. If you purchased this item before it may look different from the ones you have purchased in the past. We were using larger bottles and jars than the actual product. We will now use the size that fits the exact amount that is described in the listing. Thanks for your understanding.

    Natural Lift Natural Face and Body Lift Kit by Life Lift

    This item comes packaged in a beautiful fabric bag with scoop and fan brush for your convenience 

    2oz. Powder,  4 oz. Activator Liquid

    Imagine in your mind what it would feel like to spread a little of the fountain of youth all over your skin, face, and body. Imagine how great you would feel after applying a product that allows you to see results with each application.

    Stop Imagining and start living it. This masking kit is Rashelle's favorite product for a reason. It works!

    Rashelle will be 71 on her next birthday and she can tell you people tell her all the time that her skin looks as good now as it did when she was in her 50's.

    The Natural Face Lift kit consists of a masking powder and an activator liquid that is mixed together just before each application.

    "I have tried several of the more expensive face lift kits and there is no comparison. I only add products to my line that I personally use and love and I LOVE this one!"

    Rashelle Haines

    Why is there such a difference in the skin appearance and texture?
    The ingredients in each product are from natural health food sources so that the purity can be guaranteed to enhance the skin texture.
    The EGG supplies the protein that is so essential for healthy skin growth. The Honey is a natural moisturizer and the herbs in the powder are chosen for stimulation. The Aloe Vera supplies the enzymes that allow for the penetration of the product and exfoliation of surface skin cells. The ginseng is for stimulation and the blueberry is added for its aromatherapy values. Some of the benefits are improvement of brown spots, wind and water chapping on hands and feet, nourishing, toning and sloughing of dead surface skin. It is mixed into a thin paste applied and left to dry for about 10 minutes. I use it on my face, while I am in the bathtub, or sometimes I will apply it to my face and the top of my hands when I am at the computer. If you apply it to your entire body, you would want to allow yourself to have it on for about 10 minutes. The results are dramatic and usually you will see them after only one application. It can be used as a face, body or hand mask.


    Why grow old? You don't have to.

    Aging can be the most beautiful thing you ever do.

    Each year can bring you wisdom, grace and the most beautiful skin you ever imagined.

    A great skin care program should reduce large pores, reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging and it should give your skin a healthy glow.

    Don't cover your beautiful face, improve it. Your LifeLift program will make a big difference by feeding your skin cells oxygen...go the next step and add the best skin care products available.

    A few minutes a day is all it will take to see visible results....You deserve to feel and look beautiful. Smile every time you look in the mirror. You will after only a few applications of these great products.  

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    Natural Lift Natural Face and Body Lift  Medium Set 
    This set is half the size of the large set and includes a Free Aloe and Comfrey Gel, application brush and scoop as your free gifts.
    Read the description on the Large set and the amazing testimonials to be inspired.
     1 oz. Powder,  2 oz. Activator Liquid

    Each set includes a scoop  and fan brush for you convenience.

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    Anti-Aging Set for Face and Body. Look fantastic at any age.
    Set includes
    Large Natural Face Lift Kit with bonus scoop and fan brush.
    8oz. Liquid activator
    4oz. Powder with scoop and fan brush
    Be sure to read the description above.
    One 2 oz. Comfrey Gel as your free gift with the Natural Face Lift kit
    Large Herbal Body Wrap set includes
    Large 8 oz. Night Magic Gel
    Large 8 oz. Beyond Magic Serum
    8oz. Herbal Face and Body Wash

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    8 oz

    This Silky Herbal Face and Body Wash can be used daily to clean out clogged pores. It is ideal to allow the CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION BODY CREAM and the NIGHT MAGIC GEL to penetrate to give you better success.
    Using the enzyme rich Aloe Vera and coconut oil body-wash can leave your skin feeling like silk.
    The enzymes in Aloe Vera actually slough off dead skin cells from the surface.

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    Everyone has fallen in love with this Comfrey Gel. Aloe and Comfrey 98% Aloe Vera, Comfrey

    Great for Sunburns or Rashes

    Retinyl Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Eucalyptus, Clove oil, peppermint oil

    Apply anywhere on your face or body. Can be used under any moisture cream or serum.
    This product is exceptional for itchy or dry skin any type of skin irritations, sunburns, or burns
    Use After application of Natural Face Lift Kit.
    "I absolutely love the comfrey aloe gel -- it has done more for my skin than all of the prescription meds I used to put on it. I have stopped using retinA (made a big mess of my face, totally burned it!), and no longer use the rosacea creams."
    Something that I think (but can't say for sure) is that the comfrey/aloe gel, along with coconut oil, is building my skin back up. I recently had a facial, and no comments on how thin my skin was -- yet a few years earlier the cosmetologist wouldn't do a facial because of it. Also, my seborrhea is pretty much dormant right now, haven't had a spot for some time -- and the redness (which the dermatologist was treating as rosacea) is almost gone.

    I do not have good skin -- I had a bad case of acne throughout my teens/early 20s, then started the seborrhea -- lots of scarring, scaling, redness....but now I think I have the "best" skin that I've ever had since adolescence
    I apply the comfrey/aloe gel (last night I had my upper lip waxed, something that typically makes that area look swollen for a day or so -- I put the comfrey/aloe gel immediately on the area, and absolutely no swelling or discomfort [except for when she was pulling the wax strip off - ouch!]).
    I live near Lake Mead in Nevada.  It was 116 (add 10 degrees to being near the lake) degrees with 6% humidity for 8 straight days.  I got a heat rash on both of my arms and had been putting hydrocortisone and other topical ointments on for over a week and it was not getting any better.  I've been putting the comfrey aloe gel on for about 3 days now and it's almost gone on one arm and it's disappearing on the other.  My face is clearing up too!  I love this stuff!!!!!!!!!  Leva
    someone in this forum said that they use it for their teen's acne and that it helps --
    That would be me :) (about the teen's acne).  David doesn't get any acne now. He's 17 and rarely ever has to do anything anymore...but if one pops up (usually from eating junk over the weekend) he just dabs on some comfrey..the acne is usually gone within 24 dries it up within a few hours. I've watched and have been amazed at how well it continues to work.  He now just puts it all over his face every morning, which is why I don't think he has any breakouts anymore. I carry mine in my purse and never had a problem with leakage...and believe me if you saw my purse you would be amazed it hasn't leaked LOL My husband managed to brush against some poison oak this past Saturday. He noticed it that night and we immediately put some comfrey gel on it.  A good portion of the bumps were gone by the next morning and this morning you couldn't even tell he had it!  Even I was amazed at this one!  He never used any caladryl or any type of other lotion...just the comfrey gel!  Jenni
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    The powder is the most expensive part of the kit. The liquid is given as a bonus with the product but since many of you love the product so much and often have liquid left over we are providing the powder alone. This is a 4 Tablespoons. size jar.

    The liquid can be used as a toner as well as the liquid for the face lift mask so we incude extra with the sets. This is for THE POWDER ONLY

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    The powder is the most expensive part of the kit. The liquid is given as a bonus with the product but since many of you love the product so much and often have liquid left over we are providing the powder alone. This is 6 Tablespoons. size jar.

    The liquid can be used as a toner as well as the liquid for the facelift mask so we include extra with the sets. This is for THE POWDER ONLY

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    The powder is the most expensive part of the kit. The liquid is given as a bonus with the product but since many of you love the product so much and often have liquid left over we are providing the powder alone. This is 8 Tablespoons size jar.

    The liquid can be used as a toner as well as the liquid for the face lift mask so we incude extra with the sets. This is for THE POWDER ONLY.

    Your testimonial could be highlighted next

    Steffi Powers has lost over 60 pounds and maintained it for 9 years. She is healthier and as you can see she looks many years younger.

    Look at Steffi above at over 190 and now at 130.

    This took place when she decided to add LifeLift to her life and make simple changes that she can live with for the rest of her life.

    After years of struggling with my weight I feel as if I have been freed from a life sentence.

    When I was younger I was very slim and weight loss was never a thought, but when I was in my 30's I had some Thyroid problems and I went from 120 lbs to over 190 lbs in less than a year that is when I began my years of struggling with weight loss.

    I tried several diets and many different kinds of exercise but it was not until I added the LifeLift breathing to my efforts that I finally started to see the pounds and inches fall off.

    I have found that the perfect combination for me is not fad diets, but to use common sense eating as it recommends with the LifeLift

    program combined with at least 20 minutes of LifeLift breathing every day.

    My weight was up over 190 lbs and I had more extra chins than any woman would want to admit.  Now I am down to less than 130 lbs and I feel fantastic.

    Before I lost the weight I heard someone refer to me as the nice elderly woman on the corner and that combined with declining health problems was too much for me.  Now I have a new Grandson and everyone tells me I look too young to be a Grandma.  I know that all the oxygen that I am getting from doing the LifeLift breathing has given me far more benefits than I can count.  One is the huge benefit of the weight and inch loss, but even more than that I have more energy than I have in years and I no longer feel twice my age after just a few months of adding LifeLift breathing to my life.

    Since I started doing LifeLift I cannot even begin to tell of all the differences in myself and in my life.  Everyone tells me I look great, but more important than that I feel younger and healthier than I did when I was young, I have renewed energy and actually enjoy my life more.  One of the things LifeLift teaches is that the more relaxed you are the easier it is for your body to release toxins, fat and stress.  Doing LifeLift is the most relaxing and nurturing workout I can imagine and the proof of what it teaches is in my results.  Now instead of searching my closet for clothes to hide my body I am out shopping for new clothes and it feels so good to be able to wear attractive clothes and feel young again.

    There are three important components to the LifeLift breathing program oxygen, water and not skipping meals.  I have followed this with amazing results and because it is such a manageable way of life I feel confident that my days of yo-yo diets and hiding myself are over for me."

    Oxygen is the Key to Life! It is Oyxgen that Burns Fat!

    Life Lift * OxygenLift
    1350 Whisper Rock Way

    Reno NV 89523    


    We are sorry, but at this time because of the coronavirus, we cannot accept any returns.  

    These are our rules during normal times:

    Even though it is rare that we get returns we want to be assured that you are aware.

    We do not refund shipping. If there is a problem with a defective item we are happy to replace it at no cost to you.

    Returns must be made within 15 days of purchase. All items must be unopened, unused and in original condition when returned.. 

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