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 2 inches gone overnight!

I just wanted to share my experience with the Chinese belly rub. lately I have been feeling very bloated and looking it also. So I decided to start doing the belly rubs yesterday. I did 15 minutes clockwiseand 15 minutes counter clockwise.this morning I measured my natural waist and my lower waist and each measurement was one inch smaller. Since this was only one time I am going to continue with the belly rubs and post daily to be sure that these results are for real. 

thanks! And happy breathing!


C-section belly of 10 years is actually shrinking

I'm excited to say, that besides the weight and inch loss from the belly rub and LifeLift workouts, my c-section belly of 10 years is actually shrinking. For who've had a c-section knows that that lower part close to the incision is usually just an uncontrollable blob.Well uncontrolled no more thanks to LifeLift and belly rubs. :-)

Have a Fab Day!

 Users Compare LifeLift, Body Flex, Oxycise Comparisons 
Users Compare LifeLift with Body Flex and Oxycise

Are LifeLift, Body Flex and Oxycise Similar?
There are similarities with LifeLift and Body Flex since I taught Greer Childers the original breathing technique.
She used to be married to my brother-in-law.
Ms. Childers changed the breathing technique by speeding it up and making it much more aggressive and intense and now calls it Body Flex.
I have been in health and fitness for over 30 years and my experience has taught me that the more relaxed your body is the easier it is to release toxins, fat and stress.  I feel certain this is why we continue to get so many messages from people telling us they have had the best results with LifeLift.
LifeLift is slower, more precise and much more relaxed. LifeLift is very nurturing.
Many people love it and feel it is so easy and enjoyable they will be able to stay with it for their lifetime. One woman said it is like having a spa experience.
I think the best ones to tell you the difference would be people who have actually started out with Body Flex and or Oxycise and switched to LifeLift. That would be almost everyone who uses LifeLift.
Any comparisons you read on our web sites are the opinions of customers and not those of LifeLift. These testimonials are unedited and their purpose on the site is to give you the opportunity to learn from the experiences of those who have been able to compare these programs.
We at LifeLift believe that any program that encourages you to breathe better has great benefits.
We respect the efforts that have been made by others to help you improve your health and well-being
Most people saw the Body Flex and the Oxycise advertisements and bought those programs but continued to look for one reason or another.
I have not begun to advertise yet LifeLift is being used all over the world. Many came because they started with Body Flex and then heard about how great LifeLift is from someone they knew and trusted.
. Tens of thousands of people all over the world are using LifeLift and most have come to use it based on reading or hearing recommendations from someone else. Many have been sent by their friends or family or even their doctor. People who use and love LifeLift are passionate about it and they love to tell others
Here is what others have to say. They can tell you better than I ever could what the differences are.

My breathing program of choice is LifeLift and always will be. I never heard of Lifelift until I attempted both Bodyflex and Oxycise.
With Bodyflex I truly felt like I was losing a lung with each harsh breath; so that wasn't for me. And Oxycise was just too complicated for me. That's when a special friend on a Bodyflex list told me about Lifelift. That's when it all started. I have a LOT of weight to lose; I'd use the term morbidly obese but that is what I am classified as; but other friends on the list have gotten me out of that habit. I faithfully started LifeLift about 17 months ago; between 5-7 times a week. I then started making small eating changes; to eventually increase my meals to 3 small meals a day and 2 snacks so my body stayed fueled as Rashelle suggests. I did everything little by little; no big changes. I want and need these healthy changes to be lifelong habits which is why I am doing it this way. I have done fabulously well with Lifelift; and then when I started adding the BodyWrap products... well let's just say this combination is perfect for me. I lose slowly due to years of yoyo dieting. But with Lifelift I am getting healthier and healthier with each and every LifeLift breath I take. I truly thank God each day for sending Rashelle to be such an important part of my life. I have lost now about 75 pounds; 4 sizes and too many inches to count. I don't focus on numbers; I don't focus on the pounds; I spend my time focusing of ME! Because I am important and I have learned to make time for ME. This took Rashelle a while to get thru my hard head but it works! And it makes a world of difference. I stay positive no matter what and when I'm having a hard time with anything; I stay focused and do the best I can. I have also hit a lot of big obstacles during this past year or so; and I turn it into a positive and work around it. I can't let anything get in my anymore of being a healthy human being. I'm sorry this is so long; I really didn't mean to write a novel this morning. But when I'm asked how LL has worked for me... well I just can't be quiet! Feel free to ask me anything about what I've done. I'm thrilled to share the success I've had and continue to have. Also know that I am always there for you, and anyone who needs me help. And Rashelle, if you are reading this, Thank you for all that you do.

Love, Wanda.

Hello Rashelle
I have used both Oxycise and Body Flex and I thought they were both ok,
but there is no comparison with either of them and Life Lift.
Not only is Life Lift easier to do and much more pleasant, but my over all results with Life Lift are spectacular.
I had good results with the other two, but nothing I felt like talking about.
With Life Lift I just can't stop talking about it. I have told everyone I can think of how much I love Life Lift.
I feel more energetic, yet more calm. I feel healthier, stronger and leaner. I know I look better.
Everyone tells me so and I can see it in my mirror and I can feel it in my clothes.
If anyone thinks that Life Lift is the same as the others, they are mistaken.
There may be similarities with BF, but when it comes to the long term, Life Lift is way in the lead.
I think what you say about the slower, more nurturing way of breathing with Life Lift helping your body to
absorb the oxygen better is very true.
I can feel it. It is amazing to count up the benefits. I started doing that after reading one of your newsletters and my list is still growing.
Since I have told several of my friends and family many of them have started doing Life Lift too.
They all feel the same way I do. We are a bunch of Life Lifter's for life. (They had all used the others too, we like to share ideas)
We all agree, Rashelle, Life Lift is the best way to work out for anyone of any age or size.
Thanks will never be enough for creating this really wonderful program. I have all of your videos and I want more...more...more.
Sandra Michaels

Hi Rashelle,
I've got to tell you that when my friend, showed me your work, I knew immediately it was what I needed.  I ordered it immediately when I got home that night.  I have had both Body Flex and Oxycise for about 10 years.  They're good, but there's a mind-body edge with yours that for me is lacking in the others.  It's like the difference in yoga and aerobics......both are good and appropriate but for different people.  Yours is a better fit for who I am.  I love the reflexology and facial work.  I've been doing them first thing in the morning because it nurtures me and gets me ready for the day.  I'm a bodyworker and so it's important that I stay centered and grounded, and you've shown me something that really helps.

 I got the oxycise videos from the library just to see if I could be better with that program. Not in a million years! : I have the Body Flex gym bar too but after reviewing them all, I have to agree with everyone on LifeLift that it is by far the best! Thanks Rashelle.

Thanks to all who write in and keep us inspired.


 Love it

Dear Rashelle,
I just received my video with the stretch band.
I just wanted to say it is so wonderful, and I love the way I feel after the workout. Many say I am a gym rat, and I do feel I need to be at the gym for several hours to get the body I want. I can say confidently that this product is the answer. I am so delighted and looking forward to doing the easy 20 minute video everyday. After my back surgery I had to reduce a lot of the forms of exercises I use to do at the gym, and I am so happy to come across your website.
This may be of surprise, but I saw the infomercial on Shapely secrets. I did order the product, but find it to be hard to do. I just will not be able to stick to it. I know I can do your exercises for a lifetime.
Thank you so much for helping many women out there,
I tried Bodyflex for 6 months. I did it 5 days a week, I had no noticeable results, no weight loss and no noticeable difference in my energy level. I never broke a sweat as some people did and don't remember even getting warm. I did have a sore throat with some hoarseness from time to time. I ordered Oxycise, even the newer workout so I have all of Jill's tapes and tried those. I felt the breath was too complicated although I think I managed to master it, really dreaded doing it for some reason. I just didn't seem to get into that program as well as not seeing any results right away and it fell by the wayside. Since joining this list I have ordered Life Lift and love it. It seems so soothing and I've noticed more energy and my "pouch" has flatted out. I also get very warm and have even broken a sweat. I have been on it for 3 weeks and will continue this program because it seems to have a stress reducing factor that I did not notice with the other programs. Rashelle voice has an almost magical quality that makes this program a total mind-body connection. I am anxiously awaiting the workout tapes, so we can work along together.


 I've been doing the life lift about a week now and I measured and
weighed in this morning.  Much to my amazement, I have lost 2 inches and
 2 pounds!  The only things I've been doing different is the LL (40 to 80
 a day) and I stopped eating late.  I am so thrilled, a little surprised,
and very grateful to Rashelle for sharing her wonderful program with
others.  As you may remember I have done BF and O which both bored me
silly and I had to push myself to pop in the tape each day.  But, the LL
breath energizes me while being relaxing at the same time.  It is like a
therapy session!  I actually look forward to the program which I didn't


Let me start by saying that a few years ago I tried BodyFlex, because a
friend of mine loaned me the video. I didn't care much for it, felt
like I was hyperventilating. So, I just forgot about aerobic
breathing for a long time. Then a couple of months ago, I read a
brief article in Woman's World magazine about Oxycise. I was
talking to another friend of mine about it, and she told me about
LifeLift. She said that LifeLift is definitely the best program for aerobic
breathing. She has most of the LifeLift dvd's, and has lost a lot of inches,
and about two clothing sizes. She told me it definitely works. So,
I ordered the instructional dvd a week ago (and was amazed at how
quickly it arrived!) and have done it about three times. It makes
me feel really good afterward, I can say that!


Hello to Rashelle-(you called me several years ago to personally
answer questions about your videos)-and Nettie (glad to finally
convert you!)

My name is Julie--and I live on top of the world in Colorado-
elevation 9,521 feet-(we use to be Oxygen deprived here--but haven't
been since finding LifeLift several years ago--)LOL!

I started LifeLift--after finding out about it--on a BodyFlex board-
although I saw the benefits of oxygen from that program-I have never
gone back--but do credit BF--for leading me to you Rashelle--and
your wonderful--much gentler programs--

I started out with the Original video, workout 2 and the
stretchbands workout--Loved the stretchbands workout!

I went from a tight 14--we're talking REALLY TIGHT(refused to buy
16's-)-to a size 8 in 5 months--I wasn't even very consistent--
(about 4 days a week)--

Well--the down-side of oxygen--(and I'm kind of joking here--)--
found me pregnant at age 42--lol--(good-bye--size 8's)

I did Oxycise while pregnant--no offense to Jill--but--I couldn't
wait to get back to LifeLift--

One problem-- while 13 weeks pregnant--I fell on black ice--and hit
the back of my head--causing left side numbness--and severe

I knew that after I had my baby--I would do LifeLift--and get my
figure back--but--it has been quite a long painful road since my
fall--over the past 2 and a half years--

I have been on several medications--(all the while--trying to do LifeLift--
but combined with physical therapy--it left me feeling horrible--and
the meds put me into a sleep coma every day--)--This is difficult--
with a baby--and pretty depressing--but--

Now--at almost 45-(in December)-I have a 2 year old, almost 17 year
old and 13 year old--

AND--here's the really great part-- I have finally hit upon a
combination of LifeLift positions--that WORK for me--I am on day 87
of LifeLift--doing at least 20 minutes a day--my headaches are GONE most
days--and I have completely gone off one medication--and now RARELY
have to take another one--

I cannot tell you what a real life saver LifeLift has been for me--
thank you so much Rashelle--and I am finally getting back to those
size 7/8's again too--well--still have a ways to go--but--I know I
will be there soon!

About a month ago--I ordered new DVD's--Oxygen Zoo--(for my 2 year
old--who loves to "pahhhhhhh" with me)-workout 1-(as a gift)--
Reflexology--(LOVE IT!)-and the Original--(tried but true)--

I have since given my old videos to a couple of very good friends--
(it amazes me--that some people absolutely shut their minds to the
possibility--that something as VITAL as oxygen--might be the answer
to their prayers)--

Life is Good--but Life on LifeLift--is BETTER!
Thanks again Rashelle--


I've tried Body Flex (BF), Oxycise (O), and Life Lift (LL). B.F. worked for me but caused problems with my asthma. O gave me a severe sore throat and LifeLift is wonderful!!!!!!! I've lost 24 lbs. plus many inches with LL and my asthma is better. LL is very gentle, energizing, and effective!!!!! Rashelle the creator of it is also on this list. My choice... go with LL. Your mom will love it and you will too!!!

 Love, Liz Kuhr

Hello Rashelle,
I have tried them all, Body Flex, Oxycise and even some no one has ever heard of.
I believe the idea of getting more oxygen into our bodies is very important so I kept looking for the best system.
I have found it.
Life Lift is so great in every possible way. It feels so good to do it that I find myself wanting to do more and more. I never miss a day. It feels natural and pleasant and never harsh or forced like the others.
I know I can stay with this for the rest of my life.
I have now lost over 60 pounds and several sizes. I have improved my cholesterol levels, I have started eating healthier because I feel better and everyone tells me I look so much younger.
 I read all of the testimonials on your web site before starting and I was hoping and praying I would be one of them soon.
Well here I am and I am so proud and happy to report to you that I am a LIfe Lifter for life.
You have made my whole family healthy. My kids love OxygenZoo and even my husband has started doing LifeLift. He thinks it is the best and so do I.
Bless you Rashelle for all you do to support all of us,
Marsha R. W.
New York

I am enjoying the workouts (the intro tape, the 20-minute session and the acupressure tape(Reflexology). 

You are right: they are powerfully energizing and very relaxing both at the same time.  
  As a veteran of both BodyFlex and Oxycise, I found your approach very
informative, with more in-depth explanation.  As I said, I will use the
program with consistency; and I will give you any feedback I have.  Again,
thank you.



I just turned 53 in June and am in the best physical shape I have ever been in. I started out doing Bodyflex and did lose some inches but it was too forceful a breath and hurt my shoulders. I never could get into Oxycise. I have been doing Lifelift breathing for 3 years now and I absolutley love it!! That is how I have been able to keep firm.

Diana Clem

Rashelle: Of course you may use anything I write to you in order to promote this program! I want everyone to know how beneficial this breathing program is! I took my measurements today and to my surprise I have lost 2 inches off of my waist and an inch of what I am calling my belly measurement (from my navel over the part of my stomach which has become somewhat pendulous). I couldn't be more happy! I have plenty of before pictures, and promise to take both during and after pictures for you. Thank you again. Ann Reynolds

AN UPDATE ON ANN- I started at 305, I've lost 45 pounds so far, and hope to lose about another 100. The only exercise I'm doing is LifeLife, and so far I'm not showing any sagging!


Several months ago, I purchased the Life Lift set from you, and it is OUTSTANDING!  I have been able to completely go off of my bladder medication for bladder spasms, and feel better than I have in years.  Thanks so much for a wonderful breathing technique!  I had been on BF previously, and it was way too harsh.  You are a much more effective instructor. 
I bought the OxygenZoo for our 7 year old, who could stand to lose about 5 pounds.  He is too sedentary, and we are working on modifying his activities so that he gets more exercise.  I can't wait for us to use this video!
Again, thank you so much.  I wish everyone could experience the difference this program makes. 

God bless,
Stacie Davis
Dearest Rashelle,

Thank you seems not enough for all that you do for us individuals struggling with weight problems, disease, and just plain feeling bad. Aside from the fact that I am becoming one of your biggest fans just from having the pleasure of speaking with you last week, I have to to share how delirously happy I am about your products. I mentioned to you I would check in and tell you what I thought. I was on Body Flex for three months, and I must say that I did see results in the inches department, but never saw the scale go down one pound. I found that the pahhh made me feel like my head was going to explode. I think Greer's product is a good thing, but what I am most grateful to Greer for, is because she unknowingly led me to you. I had hit a plateu with BF, and did not like that the scale did not move 1lb. In my research to find more information on breathing programs, I read all the great testimonals of LifeLift, and decided to try it.

For the WOW stuff... I am chocked up as I write this, in 4 days of doing LifeLift, I have lost 4 lbs!!!!!! I stepped on the scale "3" times just to make sure. In the four days, I have had tacos, chocolate cake, etc., I am floored!! and hope it is not a fluke. I will keep you all posted, as I hope you all continue to post to motivate us all. When I did Oxycise I got so bored so quickly, and with BF just a bit too harsh for me. Somebody out there said LifeLIft was like going to the "spa" great analogy! I wanted to keep doing it, and was sad when it was over. There is a magical, peaceful quality about Rashelle that makes you want more, and more. I am one of those people that lacks will power in the exercise department, but never loses, you know the type, right? The only thing, EVER that has helped me was extreme dieting, that made me lose alot, but I could never stick with for long. Rashelle you are an answer to my prayers, in so many ways. Thank you my angelic friend.

 Maria California

I really love your program and your calm and sincere approach. I notice a lot of similarities between your program and Greer's Body Flex. I prefer your method by far and hope you enjoy the monetary success that Body Flex has. I have tried Oxycise too, but that wears me out. I love your tapes and always choose them over the other methods. Keep up the good work and know that it is appreciated!

Susan Winchell

Hi Rashelle, Oh yes, I can tell a big difference between Body Flex and Life Lift...I have enjoyed doing Greer's program but feel your workout is so gentle and seems deeply effective. The reason for wanting different videos is that what I really wantd was to have something that I can follow along with every day. This is why I ordered the other videos today Thank you for taking the time to personally e-mail me back and offering such as great product!


My name is Shannon, I am from Michigan and I am a 28 year old SAHM with a 10 month old baby girl ... I have been doing Body Flex on and off for a few months now (consistently for the past month) and only recently discovered LifeLift ... LifeLift is awesome! I love the variety and how gentle/nurturing it is! My body is shrinking and I can see changes that I didn't see with just BF! I am so pleased and excited!


Hi, I just started using Lifelift, I had been using Bodyflex plus. I have to say, I still do both workouts, but I enjoy using Lifelift. Doing Bodyflex feels like a hassel. The weird part is that Lifelift is a harder workout, but feels more gentle and enjoyable. I can not explain why, but I love doing Lifelift. I haven't measured my results yet, but I feel so much better. I Love this workout and plan to buy more. Right now I use the workout 1. Thanks Rashelle for a great workout!

Tara NY

I started LifeLift on Monday, and my measuring day is always I need to tell you my numbers....9 inches and 3 pounds lost! Yippee!!! I knew I was losing inches, I could see it in the mirror and feel it in my clothing. But it isn't just about the inches, as great as that is. It is about the way I feel, the way I sleep better. I feel as though I am healing myself from the inside out, one breath at a time. I made a conscious decision in January to exercise for my health and for me, and I have stuck to that. I made time every day to exercise. It was aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Callanetics, and then for the past 2 months prior to your program it was Body Flex. I thank God I found your program, this is it,this is the program I will be living with for the rest of my life. I never felt this about any program before. I don't have to just enjoy the results, I can enjoy the process too. I purchased your work-out #1, and your Reflexology tape. I loved the workout. The Relexology tape is amazing! I am ordering the entire line today. I just wanted to again, give you a heartfelt thank you, you have changed my life.


Teri, I can appreciate your apprehension about buying yet another "breathing" video workout. I was in your exact situation a few years ago. I was on a list where they kept telling about Life Lift. I was slightly interested, but not in spending more money on another "breathing" video. At that time the thing that influenced me to buy the Life Lift video was my friend Hedra. She had all of them and she got the Life Lift. She assured me that it was indeed different and well worth the money. I trusted her opinion. I got the program, and even after having used BodyFlex and Oxycise I still lost 6 inches my first week using Life Lift. I was so excited I invited Rashelle to join our list. I had done everything I could to locate Greer and invite her, but she is really good at keeping away from customers. I had even tried to talk to her on HSN, but was never allowed through, even to give a good report on the program because I did lose 4 inches my first week on it. I sent a message to Jill of Oxycise inviting her back, and her assistant Julie was kind enough to decline for her, but at least I got a response. Rashelle actually joined and posts! She will bend over backwards to help you achieve your goal. I know she talks to many, many people who simply don't get it by e-mail on the phone. She has incredible support for her program. This alone sets it apart and merits buying her video. I would suggest you buy the original one.

To your health, Karma

I have tried Body Flex, Oxycise and I have Life Lift. I found that out of all of these the Life Lift benefited me the most. My problem area is my hips and thighs and I do the exercises with the breathing that Rashelle shows in her video and my hips burn for hours afterwards. I try to do some extra of these since it is my problem area. I never got that with bodyflex or oxycise. Also Rashelle's video is so calming and relaxing that I look forward to doing it. The Bodyflex gave me a sore throat and made me cough afterwards. and Oxycise didn't seem to be working anything. After the workout I felt as if I haden't even done anything. I sent the tapes back of both Bodyflex and Oxycise. I look forward to doing the Life Lift videos. After my pregnancy, I saw that it was going to be impossible for me to join a gym or even go to a park daily to do some walking. I knew I needed to have something to do that would be easy to do at home without making a lot of noise or take a long time. I tried to do some lifelift during pregnancy without the holding of breath and this helped, especially the stretches, and then about 4 weeks after delivery I started doing it at least 3 to 4 times a week in the mornings. I also tried to eat healthier (more fruits and veggies) occasionally treating myself. I only did the Life Lift breathing no other exercising except doing what moms do like cleaning house and doing laundry and lost 70 pounds. I reached 230 pounds when I was pregnant with my child. After she was born I was at 218 pounds and today I am at 156 pounds. I have to say that Life Lift was my Life Saver, for what else would I have done. The stress of trying to get to a gym and who would watch my little girl, I didn't have to be concerned about that. I do lift some hand weights and use elastic leg bands while doing some of the breaths. I am still in need of getting things toned up and this is helping to build my muscles. I hope this has helped some. I think we all need to encourage each other and know that there is something that can help us reach our goals. I thank God for Rashelle and this wonderful way of breathing. I could not imagine what my life might have been like if I hadn't started doing this. Be confident in yourselves. Anything is possible.


Hi! My name is Claudia, I have done them all ( Oxycise, Metabocise, and Bodyflex)I LOVE LifeLiftI have gotten more tonimg and firming with LifeLift than with any of the others. Also, some of the other programs hurt my neck and back ( I have problems with both those areas so I have to be very careful) LifeLift is gentle, effective, and energizing, it is great! I would recommend this program to anyone. 


Dear Rashelle I received my LL videos yesterday and did workout one this AM. I have to say - I LOVED it and felt really challenged by standing, as opposed to sitting in Body Flex. My legs do feel "worked out."


Thanks for your quick reply. I just started your program last week and love it. I have done every exercise known to man and in the last few years have become really interested in the breathing type exercises. I find that that is all I really want to do in the way of exercise. I did aerobic tapes for years because I listen to all the "experts" about what you need to do to stay healthy. I have done Oxycise and Bodyflex but never really could stick with them for very long. I like your method so much that I'm going to sell the rest of my workout tapes. I am 58 years old(young) and take no medication for anything, am rarely sick and feel great most of the time. I think doing Lifelift will keep me on the right track. When I was doing workout videos I would get in a really bad mood and my appetite would increase and I also would sometimes get migraines.

I feel really happy after Lifelift and my appetite is much smaller-I quit halfway through most meals. I also like your Reflexology ideas-I know there is something to that. If you can heal your body the natural way, that is always best. Thanks for listening to me and keep up the good work!


LifeLift is the EASIEST and most EFFECTIVE exercise program I have ever used, and I have been working out and exercising since I was 13 (I'm 38 now). I even forked over $150 for the T-Tapp program which is specifically for "inch loss", which although very effective is VERY painful if done incorrectly, and completely ineffective unless it is done precisely right. Those who are trainers in the program state that your "form has to be perfect" - which is impossible to accomplish at all times - or it just doesn't work. Although there are certainly some very effective moves and exercises in T-Tapp (I occasionally do T-Tapp moves with my LifeLift breaths) it is 1) EXTREMELY expensive, 2) Takes a LOT of time (about an hour a day! - I lost actually more inches with my 20-30 minutes of LifeLift in one week than I did after a MONTH of one-hour long T-Tapp sessions! Fawn

More from Fawn -I've tried BodyFlex AND Oxycise AND Lifelift and Lifelift is my favorite. BodyFlex was easy to learn, but not really very effective. Oxycise is a great workout, but the breathing technique is extremely complicated, and hard to keep up with. I would lose track of either the position or the breath. Lifelift is easy, effective and affordable. I've lost about 13.25" in about 8 weeks and don't need to constantly consult a checklist when I do it.


I just had to share. I decided to go back to my deep breathing and stretching exercises and i elected to use body flex. Well i have been doing it for about 3 weeks now. But the other day i decided to do life lift to add some variety to my workout. Well i can't believe how relaxed and calm i am when doing her workout. My body just automatically goes into a relaxed comfortable mode when i do the exhale part. But that is not the reason why i am posting. I did the life lift workout on monday and on monday night when i went to bed i could actually feel soreness in my muscles. I couldn't believe it. Three weeks i was body flexing and never felt anything, and only one day doing life lift and i could feel the soreness in my muscles. That just tells me it's working. I am so thrilled! I will continue to use life lift instead of body flex, besides my throat/voice probably appreciates it as well.  I am trying to reach my goal by the end of december and that is to get into my size 8 jeans. Just wanted to share

Which breathing type are you talking about? There is Body Flex, Oxycise and Lifelift. I have personally done all three. I started with body Flex, and found it too harsh and it put alot of stress on my shoulders and my lungs hurt from exhaling so hard. I then went to Oxycise and never could get the breath down. I had just about given up when I found Lifelift, and I now have been doing it for almost 3 years. I have not paid alot of attention to weight loss, but like you I want to be in the best physical shape I can. Life Lift has done this for me. I am 52 yrs old and am in the best physical shape I have ever been in. My husband can't believe how toned I stay just from breathing. Al;so, in 3 months my cholesterol dropped extensively. Although I feel this is the best breathing method. I have found that I can do it anywhere, whether I am driving or sitting at the computer or just watching TV. I breathe while we are traveling and my husband can't even tell unless I start flexing some of my muscles. Also, the creator of Lifelift is online with us whenever she is in town and will answer all your questions and will personally be here to help you in anyway she can. Her name is Rashelle Haines and she has truly changed my life and the lives of several others. I consider her one of my best friends.


Just a quick note to let you know that I received my
package this afternoon, thank you for the fast
shipping, and thank you so much for the gifts inside

I already watch all the DVDs while my daughter was
napping, and I cannot wait to start. 
I use to do Body Flex and I can tell you that I like your
method a lot better , in BF I was coughing after a couple of
breaths..yours is so gentle and easy to do. It feels great.

I just got my LifeLift tapes yesterday and watched them before
attempting workout.  As I have been an on and off Oxyciser for a
couple of years, I thought "Gee, this will never work.  This
technique is much too simple."  Well, I did my first "workout" this
morning and I am surprised at how effective this simple method of
breathing is and how intense the positions are.  The 20 minutes just
flew by.  What really amazes me is how the breathing seems to make
the body positions so intense.

I don't want to knock Oxycise as it is a very good program but I
found the breathing a little complicated. I find the "lift" with
Lifelift easier to obtain.

I have difficulty with my knees and the Life Lift technique never stressed my
knees at all.


Hi Rashelle!

I spoke with you for a while on the phone a couple of weeks ago.
I had a sprained back from doing the turbo jam!
I wanted to let you know that I have been using the dvd's for one week and
I feel wonderful! They not only have helped me lose inches, it healed my
back so fast I can't believe it!
I did body flex today and I was shocked! The Life Lift is so
much better, I love it , Thank you!!!!

                              Thanks again Rashelle,
                                               Gina Tolbert

Your testimonial could be highlighted next

Steffi Powers has lost over 60 pounds and maintained it for 9 years. She is healthier and as you can see she looks many years younger.

Look at Steffi above at over 190 and now at 130.

This took place when she decided to add LifeLift to her life and make simple changes that she can live with for the rest of her life.

After years of struggling with my weight I feel as if I have been freed from a life sentence.

When I was younger I was very slim and weight loss was never a thought, but when I was in my 30's I had some Thyroid problems and I went from 120 lbs to over 190 lbs in less than a year that is when I began my years of struggling with weight loss.

I tried several diets and many different kinds of exercise but it was not until I added the LifeLift breathing to my efforts that I finally started to see the pounds and inches fall off.

I have found that the perfect combination for me is not fad diets, but to use common sense eating as it recommends with the LifeLift

program combined with at least 20 minutes of LifeLift breathing every day.

My weight was up over 190 lbs and I had more extra chins than any woman would want to admit.  Now I am down to less than 130 lbs and I feel fantastic.

Before I lost the weight I heard someone refer to me as the nice elderly woman on the corner and that combined with declining health problems was too much for me.  Now I have a new Grandson and everyone tells me I look too young to be a Grandma.  I know that all the oxygen that I am getting from doing the LifeLift breathing has given me far more benefits than I can count.  One is the huge benefit of the weight and inch loss, but even more than that I have more energy than I have in years and I no longer feel twice my age after just a few months of adding LifeLift breathing to my life.

Since I started doing LifeLift I cannot even begin to tell of all the differences in myself and in my life.  Everyone tells me I look great, but more important than that I feel younger and healthier than I did when I was young, I have renewed energy and actually enjoy my life more.  One of the things LifeLift teaches is that the more relaxed you are the easier it is for your body to release toxins, fat and stress.  Doing LifeLift is the most relaxing and nurturing workout I can imagine and the proof of what it teaches is in my results.  Now instead of searching my closet for clothes to hide my body I am out shopping for new clothes and it feels so good to be able to wear attractive clothes and feel young again.

There are three important components to the LifeLift breathing program oxygen, water and not skipping meals.  I have followed this with amazing results and because it is such a manageable way of life I feel confident that my days of yo-yo diets and hiding myself are over for me."

Oxygen is the Key to Life! It is Oyxgen that Burns Fat!

Life Lift * OxygenLift
1350 Whisper Rock Way

Reno NV 89523    


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